Hands Off Covid-19 Lockdown Video #2 – Bloody Well Right (Supertramp Cover)

Hands Off, playing the classic 1979 Supertramp hit, Bloody Well Right. This song was recorded remotely by each band member, in their homes, during New Zealand’s Covid-19 Lockdown.

Wow! This one was a challenge. In 1979, Supertramp didn’t record this song to a metronome or click track. This means that the song naturally increases and decreases in tempo as the feeling requires. This posed some really awesome questions on how we would go about recording our individual parts and yet still retain the flow of the song. I think it came out pretty good! Really appreciate my bandmates choosing a song with an iconic 51-second keyboard intro – thanks guys! Haha!


  • Jaime Vokes – Lead vocals, guitar
  • Patrick Kuhtze – Drums, backing vocals
  • Mark Hughes – Bass, backing vocals
  • Mark Steven – Keyboards, audio and video production
  • Caroline Lekström – Backing vocals
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