Aww, some lovely comments from people I have worked with!

Mark has been an integral member of my band for the past 15 years. His musical ability is matched by his creativity, knowledge of musical theory, passion and attention to detail. Mark is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to modern software and equipment and is also my ‘go-to’ guy when I need piano, organ or keyboards at a studio session.

Extremely creative with an attention to detail second to none. A fantastic musician and human being that is a joy to work with. Mark Steven is the consummate professional and has some of the best ears and ideas in the business.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark Steven in a range of pop covers bands. As is common to smaller ensembles covering diverse material, the keyboard plays a vital role in replicating material from the original recordings. In my opinion, Mark is the foremost keyboardist in New Zealand in this sense – his attention to detail in part learning, playback, and the ‘sonic capture’ of patches is second to none. He always manages to encapsulate what is precious in the music, by feel and articulation, dynamic, and mostly because he really, deeply cares about music.

Mark is a top-notch musician and that extends also to his attitude and professional nature and delivery of ‘the goods’ – whether it’s programming sounds and parts for playback, live performance, producing (audio tracking & mixing/video production) – Mark is absolutely the man!

Having worked with many incredible musicians over the years, I can honestly say that Mark’s musical abilities and instincts are profound. There is no doubt that he is a world class musician. As a professional Mark is fantastic to work with, he’s open minded, positive, dedicated, willing to take instruction and comfortable taking the lead. My opinion is you don’t hire a musician because of what they ‘can’ play, you hire a musician because of what they ‘choose to’ play. And you rehire the musician if they are good to work with. Mark ticks these boxes and then some.

Mark Steven is not your typical session musician. He puts his heart and soul into the music and making moments magical. Without a doubt, Mark brings a full wallop of unbreakable professionalism and passionate commitment that money can’t buy. The brilliant talent of this tippety top musician is like a love punch to the face! And then, there’s his big beautiful heart. Second to none, he’s the one!

Mark Steven has the perfect mix of feel, knowledge and musical integrity in the studio. His attention to detail is second to none and most important of all, he’s a great ‘hang’.

Mark is everything you’d want in a keys player – he’s a quick thinker but listens before he plays. He finds the space in arrangements, then throws in tasty licks where a lil magic is needed. But above all, he always makes the music better. If only he was available all the time!

I feel very lucky to have met Mark and have him play on a few of my original songs! Mark is great to have in a songwriting space, not only is he an incredible keys player with buckets of feel, his openness and keen attitude brings so much joy to the room, bringing out the best in us all. I look forward to working with Mark again!

Mark is one of those special musicians that brings that little something extra to whatever project you’re working on. Conscientious, calm, patient, great at communicating, the perfect attitude. I’ve had the privilege to work both in the studio and perform live with Mark and what stands him above the rest for me isn’t only his amazing versatility and ability to recognise exactly what a song needs or doesn’t need, but it’s his passion and investment he gives to the song. He brings wonderful musical ideas to the table and wants the best for the song as much for himself as he does for me.