I’ve been playing keyboards professionally for a long time.
Nearly 30 years, in fact! And my passion for it just keeps growing!

I have a unique skill-set, and I’m sure that if you’re in need of anything keyboard-related, I can help you out!

Mark is the foremost keyboardist in New Zealand in this sense – his attention to detail in part learning, playback, and the ‘sonic capture’ of patches is second to none.

Mark is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to modern software and equipment and is also my ‘go to’ guy when I need piano, organ or keyboards at a studio session.

Extremely creative with an attention to detail second to none. A fantastic musician and human being that is a joy to work with. Mark Steven is the consummate professional and has some of the best ears and ideas in the business.

Having worked with many incredible musicians over the years, I can honestly say that Mark’s musical abilities and instincts are profound. There is no doubt that he is a world-class musician.

Without a doubt, Mark brings a full wallop of unbreakable professionalism and passionate commitment that money can’t buy.

Mark is everything you’d want in a keys player – he’s a quick thinker but listens before he plays.

Mark is one of those special musicians that brings that little something extra to whatever project you’re working on. Conscientious, calm, patient, great at communicating, the perfect attitude.

Mark Steven has the perfect mix of feel, knowledge and musical integrity in the studio. His attention to detail is second to none and most important of all, he’s a great ‘hang’.

Not only is he an incredible keys player with buckets of feel, his openness and keen attitude brings so much joy to the room.

Over the span of my career I’ve worked in many different musical contexts and learned a lot from them all!

My philosophy is to let the song breathe. Let it be what it’s going to be – never playing too much, or too little.

I believe it’s about finding balance, and in a band situation, very much about teamwork and working as one to entertain the audience or nail that perfect take!

I believe in putting in the appropriate amount of preparation – and then a little bit more – in order to bring my best to any musical setting.

I’m not a huge fan of the limelight, preferring instead to work in the background, ensuring that what I’m contributing is making the overall sound better. I prefer to sit on a groove than perform epic solos – but if you need me to go there, I can!

I know how to focus and do the business when the red light goes on, and I also love hanging out and relaxing with musical friends during the down-time! It’s all good!

Mark Steven